Pile of Excrements

by Pile of Excrements

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released April 5, 2016

Drums recorded at Entasis studios
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Clepsydra studios

Mixed and mastered by Shit Eater

Front cover by Drop Virus

Necropervert: Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Shit Eater: Drums
All lead guitars by: Pungent Hemorrhoid



all rights reserved


Pile of Excrements Athens, Greece

PILE OF EXCREMENTS was created by the half man-half beaver Shit Eater
(Drums-see also Necrovorous, Chainsaw) when he joined forces with manure lover Necropervert
(Screams,Guitars,Bass-see also Nightbreed, Chainsaw) bringing the catastrophic stench of one
hundred clogged drains filled with soft floating turds and urine to your nostrils!
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Track Name: 1. Bestial Dwarf
Stopped gaining height since nine
Mockery of the school
Grown up virgin and depraved
Often mistaken for a stool
One day a turtle pissed his eyes
He went blind
Good at nothing and too short
One meter and a spinach pie

Bestial dwarf

Bought a shotgun and practiced
Started a karate class
Played a couple of porn flix
He had a nice ass
Now he was ready to avenge
All those who laughed
His daily breakfast is a pigeon
Eats the half

Bestial Dwarf

Sneezes over your cocaine
Stabs you in the back
Fireworks in your rectum
Half size ninja attack

The Bestial dwarf!
Track Name: 2. Pile of Excrements
Specially trained all your life
Tonight you must compete
A big pile of crap infront of you
Gathered from the streets
All kinds stacked as one
You must devour it to win
The referee fires the gun
Your fingers seize a cold turd

An abysmal shit
Brown loaf of wonder
Ridiculous shape
With a crunchy tail
Ask for extra sauce
You know what it is
You'll know the flavor
Of your neighbour

Eat the turd

The contest goes on
Flies sit on your lips
The gaps between your teeth filled
Juice running down your cheeks
Fecal maltesers of a goat
Crunchy,round and hairy
Farts of excitement
Suction acid and puke

An abysmal shit
With unchewed corn
Lick it from the table
Not hard enough to hold
Ask for extra sauce
Explosive diarrhea
Painted on your face
Lick the waitor's ass
Track Name: Spastic Butcher
Early morning boner
Trying to sit on the toilet
Half sleeping acrobat
Constipated fart attack
Empty your bowels
Hold from the towels
Empty the air out
Then comes release

Unknown masked man
Falls from the ceiling
Cuts off your head
Body on the ground
The turd
Puts it on the head
Spastic Butcher - Changes underwear once a year
Spastic Butcher - Rotten is his bellybutton

Hooker with a wooden leg
Strolling the backstreet
Dirty pussy smells racoon
Lice stroll on unshaved thighs
Taken to his apartment
Strangled with her sock
Now it's time for the hacksaw
Use her leg for lumber
A desk
A fretboard with the rest
Spastic Butcher - Dancing naked in the sewer
Spastic Butcher - He recharges with manure
Track Name: Deep In The Ground
Nowhere to move nothing to see
Muffed sound of cries and shoveled turf
No tongue to scream
Humidity chills your flesh and bones
Devil worshipper
Sold your soul
For eternal life
In a casket

Air is gone your lungs burn
But you can't suffocate
Your pact will keep you alive
Forever in a grave
Last piss
Will get you warm
Last shit
For everlasting stink

Eating the wax from your ears
Pick your nose Throw the balls
Pulling pubic hair to pass the time
Festered with all diseases known to man

Veins ripped by your own hand
Blood is flowing warm and fast
But satan has predicted that
You cant die no matter what
A box full of blood
With a jerking body inside
Like a sardine in salt water
Canned forever

Your undead corpse cursed
Only the sound of your pulse
Deep in the ground